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JMR Electric Group works hard to provide a positive experience to our customers with team members that speak multiple languages, provide regular communication, same-day appointments, on-schedule services, and on-budget projects. When you need expert EV Chargers in Medford, you should only trust our licensed and insured professionals. At-home electric vehicle chargers are a great addition to your garage or driveway because they provide convenience and safety that you don’t get at public stations.

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We Provide Three Options for Your Home EV Charging Station

Most electric vehicles come with a level one charger, but for efficient charging, you may want to install a level two or three in your home:

  • Level one: If you want an EV charger that doesn’t require an electrical system upgrade, choose level one. These use a standard wall outlet but only charge 3-5 miles per hour.
  • Level two: This is the most common choice for at-home charging because you may only need to add a circuit to your electrical panel instead of a complete upgrade. Level two chargers replenish 12-80 miles an hour, ten times the speed of level one.
  • Level three: With 3-20 miles per minute recharging capabilities, level three chargers are by far the fastest. However, this uses DC current, unlike levels one and two which use AC. This requires a higher upfront cost as you’ll need a complete electrical panel upgrade or to install a separate one for this charger.

We recommend the level two charger to most homes because it provides efficient charging with a manageable upfront cost. However, a level three charger could benefit your home if you plan on charging multiple electric vehicles. No matter what level you choose, trust JMR Electric Group for expert EV chargers in Medford.

Benefits of At-Home Charging

Don’t wait hours at a public station when at-home charging is an investment that saves you money. 

Consider these advantages before installing an at-home charging station:

  • Safety: Protect your car from being stolen or damaged by weather by charging at home. 
  • Convenience: Driving around on a low battery looking for a public station where you may have to wait in line is inconvenient at best. Always know where an open EV charger is by installing one at home.
  • Cost-efficiency: Public stations have to make a profit, so they’ll upcharge you for the electricity you use to charge your car. At home, you only pay for the cost of electricity, and you can charge during hours when electricity is cheaper, like overnight and on weekends.
  • Better battery health: Public stations want to serve as many customers as possible to increase their profits, so they’re not necessarily looking out for the health of your car. Rapid charging increases the temperature of your battery for unnecessary wear and tear. You can still replenish your car efficiently with an at-home charger while not overheating the batteries.

JMR Electric Group has years of experience helping our community easily charge their electric vehicles. An at-home charger is an investment that saves you money in the long run by taking care of your EV and allowing for more affordable charging times. We're the team to trust when you need expert EV chargers in Medford.

Don’t delay! We’re here to help. Call (617) 544-2357 when you are ready to schedule a free estimate.

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  • “Solid work quality, no matter the job they will work with you.”

    - Keith Butler
  • “The two electricians that were assigned to my project were knowledgeable, professional, friendly and did the job the same morning.”

    - Marissa Parsons
  • “I am so grateful for Ed and his team helping me navigate through a challenging time with their speed to action and professionalism.”

    - Courtney Chapman
  • “They were pleasant, and knowledgeable and gave useful suggestions for future work.”

    - Sisia Daglian
  • “Always provided input and insight when needed for a job and shown a willingness to go above and beyond doing what I ask.”

    - Mark Sironi
  • “We continue to rely on JMR Electric as they are always professional, extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and reasonably priced.”

    - Elizabeth Manning
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